Homeopathy and Cell Salts for Healing Broken Bones

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I recently told the story of my son’s broken arms.  Bone is an active tissue, forming and remodeling constantly in response to the physical stresses and structural demands put on the body.  Bones’ excellent healing capacity can be enhanced and supported with homeopathic remedies, cell salts, nourishing foods and healing words.

The first moments after an injury set the course for healing or create an imprint of the trauma that may have long-lasting effects.  Perhaps you yourself have a wrist that’s been weak since you injured it in second grade, neck pains since a car accident, or have never been well since some traumatic event.

Injuries affect both our physical and energetic bodies.  You can heal the effects of old traumas using Matrix Reimprinting and homeopathic medicines.  For your children (and yourself), you can also stop traumas from creating a chronic affect by speaking healing words and giving the appropriate homeopathic first aid remedies immediately after injury.

First Aid for Trauma

I almost always carry a very small case of homeopathic first aid remedies.  (I wrote about my must-have remedies in the article Super-Easy Homeopathic First Aid – and Why You Need It.)  I have had many occasions to use it.

The first remedy to administer after an accident is arnica.

Arnica is the first remedy for bumps and bruises.  Children needing arnica may be very upset, but adults often say, “No, no.  I don’t need anything.  I’m fine,” when they clearly are not.

Not all bumps and falls require arnica.  Sometimes a bit of Verbal First Aid and an “All better!” kiss is all the child needs.  Serious injuries, including all head injuries, warrant a call to your doctor or a trip to an Urgent Care Clinic.  If you’re not sure what to do, call your doctor.  You can give arnica and follow the suggestions presented here on your way to the clinic or hospital.

For injuries that really hurt, begin by administering arnica in 200c potency.  Don’t wait!  The sooner you give the remedy, the sooner healing begins.

Verbal First Aid

As you’re giving the arnica, speak words that will initiate healing.  Take a moment to take a few breaths to calm yourself.  Your attitude is contagious.

Mother:       Oh, you fell off the play structure.  I’ve got you now.  Let’s see how you’re doing.

Child:             (Crying)  Both my arms really hurt!

Mother:       I can see that you’re hurt.

Child:             Ouch!!!

Mother:       We’re going to get some help for that right now.  You can help me by holding on to me as we walk to the car.  (Driving to hospital.) You can begin to let your body begin to heal itself.  The way it always does when you get hurt.  Remember when you fell off your bike last summer and had that humongous scrape?

Child:             Uh-huh.

Mother:       You can’t even see a scar because your body did such a good job of healing it.  It is already starting to heal your arms too.

To teach children how to do their own verbal first aid, read Judith Simon Prager’s book together: Owie-Cadabra’s Verbal First Aid for Kids: A somewhat magical way to help heal yourself and your friends

Other Remedies for Bone Injury

An injury that is severe enough to break a bone will also damage surrounding tissues.  Here are a few other remedies that might be helpful.  (I like to purchase remedies from 800homeopathy.com.)

  • Hypericum – for injury to nerves and nerve-rich tissues
  • Rhus Tox – blows, joint sprains, muscular strains
  • Ruta – injury or strain to joint, tendon, cartilage, perioseum

Immediately after the injury, arnica may be administered frequently if the pain level is high.  If the injury is very severe, give arnica every ten minutes for three doses or until the pain subsides.  After the most intense pain is relieved, repeat arnica at longer intervals or switch to one of the above remedies if they match your symptoms.

Once the bone is set, give the remedy Symphytum in 12 or 30x potency, three times per day for one week.  Symphytum is very effective in bone healing.

For a detailed account of supporting the healing of broken bones, read Miranda Castor’s article, Sticks & Stones & Broken Bones.

Cell Salts for Bone Health

As the bones heal, the cell salts Calc Phos and Ferrum Phos will support mending.    Take four tablets of each four times per day for three weeks.  Then, take Silica and Calc Fluor in the same way.

As always, exercise fanatical self-responsibility in matters of  health.  These suggestions should be used in addition to the care provided by your doctor.

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