Homeopathic Remedies for Angry Children

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Rianna kicks, hits, and pinches.  Jordan sits in the corner with his arms crossed over his chest and his cheeks turning red.  Then he starts screaming.  Both are angry.  Very, very angry.  Their parents are scared, sad, frustrated, and likely, very angry themselves.

Anger and rage attacks are complex phenomenon and are sometimes associated with ADHD, depression, impulse disorders, addiction, and brain chemistry abnormalities.  Homeopathic remedies can have profound affects in transforming emotional patterns and facilitating mental and physical balance and harmony.

For chronic or severe anger issues, it is advisable to work with professional homeopaths and therapists MORE

With Awareness, Sadness

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Sunday morning, I prepared Ellana and Jonathon for Candle-Lighting and caroling with their Ukrainian Scouting Group.  Daniel  flicked his fingers near his eyes and asked a quick series of questions.

“Why I not speak Ukrainian?  Why even learning to speak English hard for me?  Why I not talk until four and a half, like Einstein?”  MORE

Tears Today: School, Stress, and Autism

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We’ve been living without schedules and school since June. And we liked it.  But a week before Christmas, we finally moved into our new home and enrolled the children in school.  Today was their first day.

Ellana, 13, was excited to go.  She had her schedule and school map highlighted and coordinated, a new binder, and a new top.  Her main request was, “Please don’t meet me at the bus stop.”

Stephen, 9, jumped out of bed and was dressed five minutes after I woke him.  “Might as well get this over with,” he sighed slouching into a fleecy sweatshirt.  His biggest concern was finding friends.  (He’s very discriminating.)

We met a boy about his size as we walked to school.  By the time we got to the door, Stephen knew someone in his class.  They went to line up together.

When we arrived at Daniel’s classroom, his eyes filled with tears.  “I’m a little bit nervous he said,” looking terrified. MORE

Setting the Course for 2012 with . . . a Word

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I rowed for 14 minutes today.  My first exercise in months.  Why did I begin before the Big January 1 Start-Your-New-Year’s-Resolutions day?  I chose my Word for 2012 and the rowing just happened.  (Watch out Nike!)

How I Managed to Just Do It! (for this is not my usual way)

We have been busy house-hunting, selling, and buying since August.  I used the busyness of the move as an excuse to eat more cookies and exercise less.  I promised myself that once we moved into our new home, I would return to healthier habits.  MORE

How a Glass of Wine Created an Internet Sensation (aka: The Power of a Mother)

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There is a delightful video clip circulating on the Internet.  In it, a woman approaches Michael Buble during a concert and tells him that her son “sings really good.”  Buble looks amused/annoyed. The surprised boy is beckoned to the stage and Buble says, “You’re 15 and you want to sing?”

Sam mumbles something that is not audible in the video.  Then the mom says something and Buble says into the mike, “I know you’re a mom.  I’m a singer.  I show up and do this.”

Buble then throws up his hands and says, “You know what?  We’ve taken it this far already.  Come up here for a minute.”

Sam Hollyman is lifted over the bar that separates the audience from the stage.  When he begins singing, Buble’s eyes go wide, he jumps up and says, “Holy s#itzballs mom. Sam can sing.”  The audience applauds wildly. MORE

School for Uniquely Magnificent Children

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Two years ago, after a lifetime in Michigan and one (homeschooling) year near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, our family moved to Madison, Wisconsin.  We fell in love with the suburb in which we chose a home.  There was a park with a playground across the street, the local athletic club had a waterpark and swimming lessons specifically for autistic children, downtown was just the right size for us.

At that time, I had been homeschooling all of my children for two years, my eldest for five.  Moving to a new town, I planned to enroll our youngest and oldest in public school while keeping Daniel at home.  I was certain the schools would not be able to meet his needs.

A Brief History of Our School Adventures

Daniel had been in public school for four years before we started moving around.  His preschool autism program at the Macomb Intermdiate School District (MISD) had been wonderful.  His teachers, therapists, and aides were brilliant.  But after three years, the autism program no longer suited him.  He was placed in regular kindergarten (with no aide or support) for half the day and in a program for cognitively impaired children the other half.  MORE

Gifts of Autism

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Lori Shayew runs a Facebook group called The Gifts of Autism.  Tracie Carols, recently published Connor’s Gift:  Embracing Autism in This New Age.  Suzy Miller calls autism Awesomism.

All over the world people are seeing the best of today’s Uniquely Magnificent Children.  Many of these children have diagnosed communication or language disorders, yet they imbue in the adults life’s most profound lessons.

Lessons from Connor

In Connor’s Gift, his author-mother provides an intimate look into her journey parenting a Uniquely Magnificent Child.  My favorite parts of the book are Connor’s teachings that appear at the opening of each chapter.  Here are the first words shared:

I will mirror your difficulties just as I can mirror your enthusiasm.  Love me through my difficulties and know it will not always be like this.  Things are not always as they appear.  When you are angry or resentful, you are only hurting yourself.  Take time to laugh and enjoy life.  We are all here to enjoy each other and to enhance our experiences. (p. 7) MORE

Bumps, Bruises, and Squished Toes

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I first encountered homeopathy when my firstborn was teething.  I chose a combination remedy at the health food store and was amazed that the teething pain (and resulting screams) stopped within minutes of placing the remedy in her mouth.  I wanted to know more!

By the time my youngest child arrived, I’d learned enough about homeopathy to choose the correct remedy in most first aid situations.  With three young children, there were many opportunities to administer arnica (the remedy for bumps and bruises).  When injured, a toddler-aged Jay asked for “hakaka.”

Last week, Jay, now eight, said, “Mama, do you know how much I love that you went to homeopathy school?”  A few pellets of hypericum had instantly eased the pain in his scraped and hurting little toe.  “Because, you know,” he said with a shrug, “some moms wouldn’t have a way to make me feel better.” MORE

Summer Eating Ideas for Feeding Your Children Well

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Through the years, my eating/feeding philosophy changed many times as I acquired new information.  I found “all or nothing” approaches difficult to maintain.  I like to be able to eat what is served when we are visiting family or friends or traveling.

At home, we eat mainly whole, organic foods, buying as many locally produced items as possible.  I enjoying preparing food for my family, but I also like to keep things simple.  Pizza night keeps me sane and eager to cook again.

There is no eating plan that suits every philosophy or family, but there are some guidelines that benefit almost everyone: MORE

Parenting from the Gut, Heart, and Soul

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“How high is an Olympic diving board?” Thaddeus asked one day as we were jumping off the dock into the lake.  “Let me check,” said my friend, pulling out her i-Phone.    A quick click and a few taps and we had the answer:  3 meter spring boards and 10 meter platforms.

“What do swans eat?” Jay asked a few minutes later, watching a pair swimming toward us with their cygnets.  I opened the browser on my Droid.  “Seaweed, insects, and snails,” I replied.

With the internet in our pockets, or at least easily accessible, most of us have instant access to much of the knowledge of the world.  We can answer almost any questions accurately by peering into our magic screens. MORE

The Mothergirl’s New Clothes

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There was a time when I dressed for success.  At least a little bit.  Each morning, I donned pantyhose and business-y skirts and blouses.  I applied make-up, slipped into shoes with heels, and went to work.

Even while I complained about the restrictive nature of the attire, its wearing gave me a sense of place in the world.  It was an outward expression of who I was:  career girl and productive member of society.

From Pumps to Pajamas

Then, came motherhood. MORE

What do you believe about yourself & the world?

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We all have core beliefs through which we define ourselves.  These are largely established by living life and are in place by time we are seven years old.  Once they are set, we seem to attract — sometimes as if by magic, sometimes as if cursed — life experiences that validate them. MORE